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If she marries trustees should be shell out the woman ?five hundred and you can 50 % of attract off personal loans, forever

If she marries trustees should be shell out the woman ?five hundred and you can 50 % of attract off personal loans, forever

If the Mary Ann passes away pre 21 rather than lawful heirs, up coming trustees to spend into the repair and you will education regarding s, other out of his respected ds, up until she is 21 or partnered; following for her cousin

Immediately following their dying, trustees to blow attention as directed by the her usually, to the lady spouse, for lifetime, and permit this lady legitimate children, or no, equal offers. Up to he is 21, the eye for their repairs and you may knowledge. Long faith details uses. In the event the both girl die pre 21 without heirs, following its legacies to brother John's college students. Trustees also are his executors. Witnesses: George Drew, Bermondsey Road, John Seely, same place and John N.

Day, exact same placeCodicil dated second September 1830 This is influenced so you're able to brother John. Testator wishes your to blow William Barnick away from Chatham, ?20 annuity for a lifetime. And also to spend William Boghurst's housekeeper Mary —— ? Nicholas, annuity off ?20 forever and to pay annuities regarding ?ten, for a lifetime to help you Elizabeth Thornton and you will Sarah Crane. Boghurst (uel Newsom (Surgeon) signal each bequest. Witnesses: Samuel Newsom and you can Sarah Hunt. Affidavit dated last uel Newsom, Doctor of Rochester and you can Sarah Appear, away from Rochester, Spinster, sworn. He's got looked at have a tendency to and you can codicil; cousin John composed this new codicil; Richard Boghurst was as well sick so you're able to signal his title. The around three establish files try amazing and you may genuine. Ended up 14th Get 1831 Stamina booked to George Prentis and you may John Tonge. Ann Boghurst, from St.

Margaret's, Spinster, P. C.C. Will dated first April 1800 Appoints sis, John Boghurst away from Strood, Gentleman, nephew John Boghurst of St. Nicholas, Guy, and Richard Boghurst, regarding St. Margaret's, Guy, executors. Leasehold domestic she resides in, during the Rochester Standard, having remainder of book, in order to sisters, Rebecca and you can Mary Boghurst; when they provides one another passed away, in order to nephew John Boghurst. The girl half share into the forest titled Shawl Connect (fourteen miles), in the Aylesford close to the Turnpike Roadway from Chatham so you can Maidstone, within her job as well as nephew Phillip Boghurst, in order to nephew John Boghurst. Their annuity on farm at the Luton, for the Chatham, filled of the Thomas Filmer, so you can nephew Richard Boghurst, for good. In order to niece, E Boghurst, ?50; every single out of executors, ?fifty having mourning.

On Container Beneath Was Transferred This new Remains Out of JOHN BOGHURST ESQUIRE Which Died Oct. 23rd 1840 Old 76 Decades And MARY Their Spouse Whom Died AUG. 23rd 1842 Old 70 Age Which stone has been cut-in 1 / 2 of and you will lso are-put the wrong manner round, on the bottom half the fresh new inscription at the top!

That it long will is mostly concerned with believe conditions

John Boghurst, away from St. Nicholas, Esquire, (58 High street, Pigot's Directory, 1832; Character, Holden's List 1809 – 11) P. C.C. Usually old twentieth March 1840 To help you spouse, Mary, friend John Nightingale out of Rochester, Esq. Wife having advantageous asset of play with; immediately after the lady dying, a lot more than goes into residuary estate. To help you John Nightingale and you may Samuel Caddel, ?one hundred per, genuine and leasehold property and personal estate, other than he had been eligible to around their aunt, Richard's commonly Richmond best hookup apps, abreast of faith, to offer private house, except that kept to help you spouse and never in public areas Funds, believe info follow. Desire and you will returns to help you spouse; just after the lady death otherwise remarriage, executors to pay Sarah Crane, ?five hundred, if the latter passes away inside the lives, then ?five hundred to help you the woman aunt, William Crane off Theobalds Road, Kent Street, Surrey, Labourer along with her cousin Martha partner away from Charles Saunders from Distance Avoid Street, Middlesex, Town Violation Porter, for the equivalent offers.

To old and you will faithful slave, John Jarrett, ?200; in order to godson, John Boghurst Spencer, man of pal John Spencer, of your own Kent Path, Cornfactor, ?300; to Josiah Spencer, ?200, so you're able to their spouse Mary Ann Spencer, ?100; so you can buddy, George Acworth off Rochester, Gentleman, ?200; to help you Mary Ann, Jane and Sarah Jarrett, every Spinsters regarding St. Crane, ?50; to help you Martha Saunders ?50. If any excessive, executors to expend and spend focus so you can s, reputed ds from the their sis Richard, inside the equivalent offers for lifetime. Following the loss of often, following the display on their boy / college students, if any. Once they perish with no college students, then various other ?300 so you're able to Samuel Caddel, other ?400 to John Jarrett, several other ?two hundred for each in order to Mary Ann, Jane and you will Sarah Jarrett, another ?fifty so you're able to Thomas Jarrett the new Elderly, several other ?five-hundred to help you George Acworth.

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